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We have transitioned to a new home!  Go to and click on “Art Gallery” and then “Art Collections”.  There you will find UBC Medicine, Heartfelt Images, White Coat Warm heARt (our national medical art exhibit) and Artodontia (UBC Dental cardiac art).   Enjoy and leave us some comments!!!  Also feel free to share on […]

2014 and 2015 Winning images added!!!!

Check out the winning images from 2014 and 2015.  Special thanks to our judges and especially to our prize sponsors: 1) Alan Fairweather (3M Canada Healthcare Division) for donating 6 stethoscopes 2) Division of Cardiology (VGH/St. Pauls’s) for donating 5\$500 each for the purchase of 6 stethoscopes. 3) Office of Student Affairs for financing the […]


Welcome to Heartfelt Images.   I will be updating with the following material in the next few days: 1) Winners from 2014 Heartfelt Competition 2) Winners from 2015 Heartfelt Competition   So if you visiting for the first time check back in a few days and there will be more fabulous Heartfelt Art for you […]

Following Our Hearts: Cardiac Art at NMP!!

Following Our Hearts: Cardiac Art at NMP!!

Valentine’s Day 2013 marked the opening of the “Following Our Hearts” exhibit at Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George.  This was a retrospective of Heartfelt Images (and more) from members of the NMP classes both past and present as well as some faculty and staff.  Beautifully curated by Joanna Smythe (from Two Rivers Gallery) and […]

Heartfelt 2013!!

  New 2013 Images are uploaded. Check them out in 2013 Gallery!! Remember that  the 4th place finisher was Kesh Smith’s YOUTUBE VIDEO “heART ATTACK” which you can check out here: