Heartfelt 2013!!


New 2013 Images are uploaded. Check them out in 2013 Gallery!!

Remember that  the 4th place finisher was Kesh Smith’s YOUTUBE VIDEO “heART ATTACK” which you can check out here:

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  1. Amanda

    Please keep me posted on any Hearfelt news or event.

    I work for an organization called Arts Health Network Canada, and our ED (Nicki Kahnamoui) heard Dr. Courneya speak at the Medicina conference at UBC last week-end. We’d like to promote the project on the AHNC website and continue to support the project.

    Great project!


  2. Carol Ann

    Hi Amanda

    I would be delighted and honoured to have Heartfelt promoted on AHNC.
    Let me know if I need to do anything for that to happen.
    and warm regards to Nicki!

    Carol Ann

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